HOLD MY HAND. Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, India, and completed a degree in engineering and business man- agement before embarking on a. Where can I download the PDF for the book 'If It's Not Forever' by Durjoy Datta? How can I download the girl of my dream novel by durjoy datta? Where can I get the PDF of the book “The Girl of My Dreams” by Durjoy Datta?. Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta 2 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. dsds.

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Hold My Hand book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An awkward young man, Deep, obsessed with libraries and books, has hi. bc1book - Get book Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta. Full supports all version of your device, includes PDF, ePub and site version. All books format are. Hold My Hand. 3. “Stay strong,” she told herself and fumbled through her bag. She pulled out a small bottle of pills and poured two into her palm. “Fuck this shit, ”.

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The difference is the Vayu has you connect the thumb to the knuckle or hump of the index finger, as opposed to the fingertip in Gyan. Now, he has started examining people and finds out their characterization and attributes. Then he develops his own characters and his book rotates around almost every character that he describes even once in the book.

He has stopped writing sex scenes after every 10 pages and in fact, this pages book "Hold My Hand" does not a single scene that can make you feel "Repetitive Durjoy is back". This has assured that his audience will keep downloading his book to see how much more has their author being improved. What I like about Durjoy's writing is that he writes a book as a book without any other ambitions attached to it otherwise many writers write a book as if a Bollywood movie is going to be made of it as soon as it releases.

I liked the initial pages in the book where the characters are described and we are told what each of them are dealing with so that we can understand their state of mind once we read the scenarios pages ahead. The narration of how Deep is being interned in Hong Kong, and his mother's pain, his father's toughness, his friends' annoyance etc.

I liked one part where Deep tells about what books has taught him.

That whole paragraph is wonderful. Also, every time his writer's heart and love for books is discussed, Durjoy takes the words and sentences to the next level. As soon as Ahana comes in to the picture, story takes a sweet and a soft turn. It's not about the pity and sympathy and the support that Deep shows towards her because of her eyes-disorder but about the feelings that both of them share.

His falling in love with her, her father being strict, her attachment with her ex-boyfriend who's also blind like her etc is what this part of story needed. Part Two is from the Blind Girl's perspective.

Part three and four unfolds the story further which has a Happy End. Overall the plot is good. Its a nice weekend read but there was something about it that it couldn't be the best. I think the author had all the ingredients to prepare an awesome platter but unfortunately he could not. Nevertheless every experience teaches something and may we get to read better stuff from him.

Dec 19, Vishal Philip rated it it was ok.

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta 2

This is my second book of Durjoy Datta. That book Impressed me and that's the reason why I picked up this book.

I think it was waste to give them great importance at beginning As a whole , Hold my Hand is readable. There is nothing much, not so boring either.


May 20, Parth Agrawal rated it liked it. Main characters of this book are Deep,Ahana and a short cameo played by Ahana's father Ranbeer and deep's friends. This book is a story of a bling girl Ahana and a novice writer and a IT student Deep. Deep is a bookworm and his only two friends are Manasi and Aman. Once he completes his itinery to HongKong he meets Ahana a blind girl residing in an adjacent room o Hold My Hand-A love story by Durjoy Datta which unevils slowly as the book progresses.

Once he completes his itinery to HongKong he meets Ahana a blind girl residing in an adjacent room of his hotel. He travels to various places with Ahana and eventually both fell in love with each other. But owing to their own differences and loopholes they decided not to express there feelings for each other. Read the story to know what happens at last. Slow story proceeding and a low vocab are drawbacks of this book. I would rate 3 on 5.! Sep 27, Anika Kalia rated it liked it Shelves: But then I got a challenge from my brother to go for this one and promising to fulfill it I had to make up my mind a lot before beginning to read it.

Now, after finishing it, I must say Hold My Hand is much better. Had I not formed a bad image of Durjoy when I first read one of his books, now after reading this one, I would have considered him a sensible author. The love story might not be a very touching one but still there was sensibility and maturity in his writing which did not make the read, at least, boring quite unlike the previous one. I had to give three stars to it.

Aug 29, Saurabh rated it liked it. This one is totally different from other books of Durjoy. Maturity is showing very clearly in his writing. The protagonist is a nerd boy, who gets a chance to visit Hong Kong on an internship where he meets a blind girl. The description of Hong Kong is very good. Also Durjoy has described a blind girl's feelings and thoughts very well. A part of the book is written with blind girl as first person.

Overall end is quite flat. The book is a sm This one is totally different from other books of Durjoy. The book is a small one, there are lot of blank pages and details of other books in the end. Feb 09, Manthan Ramani rated it really liked it. It was gigantic. A book with good flow and found too short after completion. It is one of my pick which barely take time to get off the story. Nicely narrated and beautifully craved. It was sweet at some place as if sweet like honey.

Light read with the pleasurable phrase. A story isn't that much amazing by Durjoy Datta which I face in till the last breath.

But not disappointed too. Good to go with a light start. Jun 22, Rishita rated it liked it. This book melted my heart and made it mushy and squishy! Hope I find my Deep someday. Sep 13, Tarun Dua rated it really liked it.

Aug 29, Aruna Kumar Gadepalli rated it liked it Shelves: Good and quick read. Oct 03, Pravalli Modugula rated it it was ok Shelves: Mar 26, Hemant Singh rated it it was amazing. I am full fida. The writer has great sentence-formation chops. However, things end there. He began with a bang.

The first pages convinced me that I was reading the next Salman Rushdie. Before said Salman takes offense, let me clarify. The writer lost interest. So much so, he gave a silly title to the work. It is so apparent. No plot. No character development. He even turned a Punjabi kudi into a Bengali shrew.

There are half a dozens missed opportunities. There is this guy, a neat freak and a fitness fanatic. He is mentioned talking to a club bouncer.

Fits the gay trope fine. And the novel would have flown.


But na. Then he has an Afghan character. So what does he do? Conveniently, kills her off. Every character, including the villain, is socially-appropriate. Like over-sweet rosagullas. What was he hoping for? That they will prescribe it for class 7 students. He has straight-jacketed boy-girl and then father-daughter conversation. But, in damn good English. The worst is our hero. Neither a joker nor an intellectual and definitely not a hero. Visualise a tall Johnny Lever mouthing inane hyfy stuff.

This novel fell into my lap. When a woman flung things at me. So I read it.

I couldn't throw it back at her coz, one, her husband is a bodybuilder and, two, the writer has exceptionally good command over English. Something I love and don't get enough of. The book commits another crime. Of giving disabled peeps blind hope.

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Nonetheless, the Hong Kong government will be very pleased with the book coz he describes the whole city. The road, the shopping places, the eating joints, metro, boats, cable car, temples.

You know. And, frankly, hits the bulls-eye, unlike any other travel blog. Boring, but spot-on. The only offense that they may take is when the book, reaching a sort-of literary absurdity apex, show an injured blind girl lying on its street, bleeding, and its citizen continue their existence without batting an eyelid, and the poor thing has to wait for the said hero to arrive a half hour later.

I hope and pray the writer seeks me out so that we can collaborate on a book. I provide the story, he the finishing and the baby-face to sell our book. For more reviews go to https: Jul 29, Anish Ghosh rated it it was amazing. Durjoy Dutta is awesome. The way he describes some of the events and things, are really funny and just amazing.

A very simple love story between a guy who love books and spends most of the time reading and a blind girl. Boy went to Hong Kong on paid internship and met a girl staying in the same hotel and in same floor.

The girl was the first to talk to him in the lift and eventually he come to know that she is blind and uses her amazing smelling sense to record everything in her mind about almos Durjoy Dutta is awesome. The girl was the first to talk to him in the lift and eventually he come to know that she is blind and uses her amazing smelling sense to record everything in her mind about almost everything.

They went together to various tourist places in Hong Kong holding each other hands and literally falls for each other. But neither of them can express this to each other before the guy came back to India.

Paintbrush Says…. a story of who you are!

He started missing her and blames himself that he couldn't even able to tell her that he is going back. Then one random day, the girl came all the way to India with her eyes taken care of I mean she can see now because of some therapy.The immensely popular interactive Scale of the Universe tool could not have been made on paper in any practical way. Lord Hold My Hand Artist: I liked the character of Ranbeer because this is how even i wish to be with my children.

She was crowned as Miss Uttarakhand in For more info view section Sheet Music Details. Credit: Getty Images Advertisement In a viral YouTube video from October a one-year-old girl sweeps her fingers across an iPad's touchscreen, shuffling groups of icons.

The writer lost interest. Post to Cancel. We might recall that we passed the red farmhouse near the start of the trail before we started climbing uphill through the forest; in a similar way, we remember that we read about Mr. It's good that Durjoy wrote a part in Ahana's words that we get to know what this blind girl keeps thinking within herself who does not remember anything that she was before the age of 5 when her eyes were fine.